Hazelnuts are an important component of the Mediterranean diet and of the eating habits of different areas of the world.

Hazelnuts are a good source of nutrients, if they are well introduced into a balanced and healthy diet. Thanks to their specific properties, they are an elixir of life. They help fight aging, bad cholesterol and prevent numerous diseases, especially of the cardiovascular system.

The protein source of hazelnuts is of good quality, especially rich in the amino acid arginine. Above all, for vegetarians and those who wish to reduce the intake of foods rich in protein of animal origin, it is important to include the hazelnut in your diet.

The presence of dietary fibre of hazelnuts is also excellent. A portion of 30 g of hazelnuts (the one recommended by nutritionists) provides more than 10% of the recommended daily dose of fibre.


We put passion, attention, culture, study and method to carefully select the hazelnuts that will make up our products.

We want to guarantee you the maximum goodness that a processed hazelnut can achieve, to let you totally taste the flavor of a naturally grown hazelnut, without fertilizers or chemical agents. The food that characterizes our products must always be healthy and genuine.


From the perfectly rounded shape when shelled, from the selection of our hazelnuts, an aromatic flavor derives, especially if the pulp it is white, consistent, and the internal film is brown, thin and easily detachable.

Our type of fruit is very suitable for the roasting process, for peeling and grading. These typical characteristics make it particularly attractive for the production of sweets and for the preparation of granella and other craftsmanship, of which we are advocates.

All our hazelnuts are rich in "good" proteins and fats, also characterized because they are rich in vitamins E, B, C, as well as minerals< /strong> such as iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and selenium.

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